Celebrate Oktoberfest at The RAM!

Jun 13, 2020

Welcome to Andy's Coffee Break, your go-to destination for all things coffee, pastries, and more. But we're not just about coffee - we're also passionate about bringing you the best food and drink experiences. This year, we are excited to announce our Oktoberfest celebration at The RAM! Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with traditional German food, beer, and live music.

Why Celebrate Oktoberfest with Us?

At Andy's Coffee Break, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality food and beverage options. Our Oktoberfest celebration is no exception. Whether you're a fan of German cuisine or simply want to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, our event offers something for everyone.

Here are just a few reasons why you should celebrate Oktoberfest with us:

Authentic German Food

Indulge in a wide selection of authentic German dishes prepared by our talented chefs. From mouthwatering sausages and hearty pretzels to savory schnitzels and sauerkraut, we have it all. Our commitment to using quality ingredients ensures that every bite is filled with delicious flavors that transport you to the heart of Germany.

Extensive Beer Selection

No Oktoberfest celebration is complete without beer, and we take pride in offering an extensive selection of both traditional German brews and local craft beers. Sip on a classic Oktoberfest Märzen or try one of our specialty seasonal brews. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect beer to complement your meal.

Lively Atmosphere

Get ready for a festive atmosphere that will have you tapping your feet to the lively Oompah band. Our Oktoberfest celebration is all about embracing the spirit of the event, so come prepared to dance, sing, and make lasting memories with friends and family.

Live Music and Entertainment

Enjoy live music performances throughout the event, featuring traditional German tunes and modern hits with an Oktoberfest twist. Our talented musicians will keep you entertained as you indulge in the delicious food and drinks on offer.

When and Where

Andy's Coffee Break's Oktoberfest celebration at The RAM will take place on Saturday, October 10th, from 6:00 PM until midnight. The event will be held at The RAM's spacious event venue, located at 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA. Mark your calendars and make sure to arrive early to secure your spot!

Join in the Festivities

Ready to join the Oktoberfest festivities at The RAM? Here's how you can be a part of the celebration:

Make a Reservation

To ensure you have a table reserved for the evening, we highly recommend making a reservation in advance. As this is a popular event, tables are likely to fill up quickly. Contact our friendly staff at (555) 123-4567 or visit our website to secure your spot.

Spread the Word

Help us make this Oktoberfest celebration a memorable one by spreading the word! Share the event details with your friends, family, and colleagues. The more, the merrier!

Come in Traditional Attire

Want to get into the Oktoberfest spirit? Feel free to come dressed in traditional German attire such as dirndls or lederhosen. Not only will you look the part, but it will add to the overall festive ambiance of the event.

Connect with Us on Social Media

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates by following us on social media. We'll be sharing sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes footage, and more. Join the conversation using the hashtag #OktoberfestAtTheRAM for a chance to be featured on our official channels.


Celebrate Oktoberfest in style at Andy's Coffee Break's special event at The RAM. Indulge in authentic German cuisine, savor a wide range of beers, and enjoy live music performances in a festive atmosphere. With our attention to detail and commitment to providing the best experiences, this Oktoberfest celebration is not to be missed. Reserve your spot now and get ready for an unforgettable evening of fun, food, and fantastic company!

I can't wait to indulge in German delicacies and beer at The RAM's Oktoberfest event!
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May 11, 2023
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Dec 10, 2022
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Dec 2, 2021
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