Andy's RestaurantThe Andy’s Story

A long time ago, in 1990, a restaurateur in Pendleton asked his coffee vendor if he knew of any places in the Tri-Cities area for sale, as he and his wife would like to purchase an “established” venue.

As it turns out the coffee man did know of a place called “Andy’s Restaurant” in Pasco WA.

“Andy” had lost his wife who was the backbone of the establishment and decided to sell.

This man and wife bought the establishment in 1990.

Well as it turned out “Andy” had several business cards and the new owner Jeff just left them out there.  Hence, Jeff became known as “Andy”….. and that continued even after the cards ran out.

To this day people still refer to Jeff as Andy. Amazing sense of humor, loyal staff and just socializing are the Hallmarks of Jeff doing business.

In the early 2000’s Jeff & his wife parted ways but continued to run the business together.

When the new “Auto Complex” was being built, the threat of losing their livelihood became evident and so they purchased the recently defunct “Francisco’s” across the street-HENCE the birth of “ANDY’S North.

We are Andy’s ORIGINAL!

Recent History

In December 2014 Jeff suffered a major stroke and was not found in a timely manner. The devastation is mostly physical.  No rehab was pursued after his transfer from Phoenix to Pasco, so he lost a lot of the benefits of rehab while at the fantastic medical facility in Phoenix –St. Joseph’s.

He now lives at “From The Heart”, a group home in Pasco, WA. He is going thru rehab and believe us when we say? Jeff is totally there! Next goal – WALKING!!!

The Staff Change

When Jeff realized his business was compromised he made a decision to make changes. A new manager was brought in and together with Paul and Shirley Wishman, Jeff and Holly run the restaurant now.

Jeff is very much in control of his business and his private affairs. He has entrusted his business to individuals and loyal employees. Jeff “cleaned hose” in early March and things are progressing the way he desires.

So even though a manager may not be evident, there is normally one of us there pouring coffee, bussing tables, and taking your money! And Jeff visits three times a week to greet guests and check up on things.

Andy’s North vs Andy’s South – History

In the early 2000’s, when the new “Auto Complex” was being built, the threat of losing their livelihood became evident and so Jeff and Kris purchased the then recently defunct “Francisco’s” across the street-HENCE the birth of “ANDY’S North.

Since we are Andy’s Original there is no comparison. The loyal staff is still here – Jorge, of course is obviously ever-present! Santi on the weekends, Beatrice and Marlene with prime shifts, and of course Heidi back on her regular nights.

In the back of the house Lorie and Roberto still run things like the pros they are, with Daniel and a few new additions.

We welcome Antoine Butcher, formerly of “Butcher’s Block Catering,” renown for BBQ and attention to detail.

And David our new night cook, who took over when Victoria was injured, has a culinary pedigree that is outstanding!

Out front we welcome Zoe in the evening. Big personality a lots of love! She was house manager where Jeff lives but then she decided to pursue her nursing degree! We love her BIG personality and attention to detail!

Faces may change but Jeff is still in charge! We ALL answer to “the boss” – “el patron.”