The Original Andy's Coffee Break

Andy's Restaurant

Welcome to Andy’s Pasco!

Feel free to sit anywhere!

Andy’s Coffee Break Restaurant or “Andy’s Original” is casual dining at its best. A family-style full-service restaurant, Andy’s is known for the best breakfast in town & the bottomless cup of coffee.

One of the top-rated restaurants in the Tri-Cities and Pasco, Andy’s features Home-style cooking and weekday specials that can’t be beat!

Andy’s serves breakfast, lunch & dinner & offers takeout. Featuring two homemade soups daily, weekday lunch specials & popular weekend breakfast specials, Andy’s Coffee Break is a cross between a café & a diner with counter service and call-in take-out. (509)-547-7886

Known for great food and friendly service, Andy’s is Home of the world famous 11 Oz Chicken-Fried Steak, Bone-in Pit-ham, and other specials, AND Andy’s has something for everyone.

Breakfast is served all day except pancakes & waffles which end at 2 PM.

Our California Chicken Salads are refreshing, served on a bed of Spring Greens, our senior dinner meals and specials all come with dessert, and we are continually coming up with new ideas to keep our “menu mix” varied.

Our sign says, “This is NOT a fast food restaurant. It is FRESH food restaurant.”  By that we mean everything is cooked when ordered – not precooked like some places do.

We love our loyal guests who have been with us since the start! We love that their children are becoming our new guests! We love our families that come in! And we LOVE Newbies! As one reviewer said “it’s kind of like ‘Cheers’ here. Everyone knows your name and what you order.”

To this day people still refer to Jeff as Andy. Amazing sense of humor, loyal staff and just socializing with the guests are what makes Andy’s popular. It’s Jeff’s way of doing business. And like Jeff says… “You have one name to remember. I, on the other hand, have a thousand.”

But he STILL knows your name, order, your humor, and your preferences and speaks of everyone in regards to recent memories.

We are Andy’s ORIGINAL! Look for our specials on Facebook.


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